We Are Caterpillars about to be Butterflies! We are the Imaginary cells of the Body of Humanity..We are the New Civilization!

We are consciously shifting our beliefs, and our perceptions and therefore our lives from personal enlightenment of “I am” to Planetary Inlightenment “We are” From Cocoon to Butterfly we will rise Together


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About Intiana

I am Intiana – Technician of the Sacred, Channel of Attunement. My passion is to inspire and facilitate awakening into your unique divine design, that you may live fully aligned with your purpose at this time of planetary transition. I offer myself as a guide to your personal unfolding. In one one one sessions, I offer Divine Design Oracle Readings based on your birth-date that contains a blend of Galactic Dreamspell Astrology with intuitive wisdom and psychic insight, revealing the essence and form of your personal Destiny Pattern.
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