Welcome Starseeds!

“Blessing” by Kagaya

This image is an offering and an invitation
to receive the blessings of the universal force of Love.
As my Bolivian shaman Chamalu said: “Flowers are God’s smiles.”
Emerging from the tiniest seeds, flowers blossom
into their unique, radiant magnificence.
We too are seeds, star-seeds in fact;
here to co-create heaven on earth with other masters.
It might just be, that heaven on earth begins with you and me.”

As starseeds, we are born for the distinct purpose
of embodying the codes of this Dawning new earth
and the civilization that naturally arises
from living these higher frequencies.
Our opportunity is to awaken out of the slumber
of the old world paradigm of “time is money,”
and flower into the truth that “time is art!”
~ Awaken sleeping masters, the time is now~

2 Responses to Welcome Starseeds!

  1. AllOne says:

    “Find the others”
    I think I’m on the right track!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Valerie says:


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