About Intiana

In Lak’ech Beloved Kin ~ I Am Another Yourself.

My passion is to inspire and facilitate awakening into your unique divine design, that you may live fully aligned with your purpose at this time of planetary transition. I offer myself as a guide to your personal unfolding. In one on one sessions, I offer Divine Design Oracle Readings based on your birth-date that contain a blend of Galactic Dreamspell Astrology with intuitive wisdom and psychic insight, revealing the essence and form of your personal Destiny Pattern.

“Intiana came into my life like a comet, 
and has been burning brightly ever since!” 

As an Oracle & Spiritual Coach, my passion is to assist humanity in establishing the New Civilization of Heaven on Earth.

I have offered Galactic Dreamspell Astrology readings since 1995 as a vehicle to elevate perceptions. This shift allows us to view our lives, our relationships, and our personal unfoldings in the context of this larger time of planetary transformation. Let us embrace this new collective awareness, that we may awaken to the New Earth and the flowering of human consciousness.

I offer a synthesis of teachings and technologies from the East and West, to facilitate freedom from the stories of suffering that our egoic minds wish to cling to, and to help awaken our connection to our inherent Divinity!

5 Responses to About Intiana

  1. Atom says:



  2. Sabina says:

    Aloha! I am very interested in having a session with you. I am excited to connect. I’d love to hear when is a good time for you. 💖 I live in California and mornings are best for me. Blessings to you!


  3. Jenny says:

    Trying to help ppl help themselves by numerous of the higher purpose messages …… Biut it falls on deaf ears….. No so dumb deaf + blind as those who WAnt TO BE ….. So I eventually am forced to turn my back + let them be in order to save myself ……


  4. Saul says:



  5. Malia Juana says:

    Hello angel I am located in Salt Lake City Utah and I have made that realization of heaven on earth about a year ago. Synchronicity and numerology have become part of my everyday life and I am always looking for new souls to share knowledge with. I would love to have a session with you! Much love and light my soul friend 💜


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