About Intiana

In Lak’ech Beloved Kin ~ I Am Another Yourself.

My passion is to inspire and facilitate awakening into your unique divine design, that you may live fully aligned with your purpose at this time of planetary transition. I offer myself as a guide to your personal unfolding. In one on one sessions, I offer Divine Design Oracle Readings based on your birth-date that contain a blend of Galactic Dreamspell Astrology with intuitive wisdom and psychic insight, revealing the essence and form of your personal Destiny Pattern.

“Intiana came into my life like a comet, 
and has been burning brightly ever since!” 

As an Oracle & Spiritual Coach, my passion is to assist humanity in establishing the New Civilization of Heaven on Earth.

I have offered Galactic Dreamspell Astrology readings since 1995 as a vehicle to elevate perceptions. This shift allows us to view our lives, our relationships, and our personal unfoldings in the context of this larger time of planetary transformation. Let us embrace this new collective awareness, that we may awaken to the New Earth and the flowering of human consciousness.

I offer a synthesis of teachings and technologies from the East and West, to facilitate freedom from the stories of suffering that our egoic minds wish to cling to, and to help awaken our connection to our inherent Divinity!

35 Responses to About Intiana

  1. Atom says:


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  2. Sabina says:

    Aloha! I am very interested in having a session with you. I am excited to connect. I’d love to hear when is a good time for you. 💖 I live in California and mornings are best for me. Blessings to you!


  3. Jenny says:

    Trying to help ppl help themselves by numerous of the higher purpose messages …… Biut it falls on deaf ears….. No so dumb deaf + blind as those who WAnt TO BE ….. So I eventually am forced to turn my back + let them be in order to save myself ……


    • Shereé says:

      You’re not here to “help ppl help themselves”. It’s to ignite that spark in an individual that’ll make them start asking questions and seeking the answers. Of course, you can’t just go up to anyone. Go for the ppl who are ready. You should know who they are.


  4. Saul says:



  5. Malia Juana says:

    Hello angel I am located in Salt Lake City Utah and I have made that realization of heaven on earth about a year ago. Synchronicity and numerology have become part of my everyday life and I am always looking for new souls to share knowledge with. I would love to have a session with you! Much love and light my soul friend 💜


    • Tsra says:

      I’m in Ogden would you be interested in chatting?
      Tara (spacegraypurple@icloud.com)

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      • Holly says:

        Hi hun am ragin as everytime am about to talk to someone about anything related to my life mission and stuff my phone will break or apps won’t work: do u think this a sign that I need to self help route the hard way lol please get in touch I’m very happy we managed to chat for at least 5 mins it was just what I needed


  6. Brette Vikser says:

    The fee for the reading?


  7. Want🎇 3 so much🎇 famely🎇 space 🚀 you and beauty’s
    So much🎇


  8. Ricky HuLoe says:

    hello sacred sister of light , i am a jaguar aztec blood , i am so happy to reconnect with my roots , and find myself back on the 13moons of divine i would love to session with you , i have had times with dark energies but for some reason the jaguar is strong in me and also lost of sacred union of my blue rhythmic monkey but sycronectiy connected threw the divine of both stomach turning vortex spinning . i would like to speak on a few things … if possible enjoy your moonlight and sunlight


    • Intiana says:

      Aloha beloved monkey!
      Yes, our galactic roots…so good to hear from a fellow light
      traveler..Love to meet you over a session and investigate your Divine
      Designs current cycle around the Sun!

      should i send you a link to my web site on wordpress?

      Have a wonderful Cosmic Day!

      “to know I am everything
      is love
      to know I am notning
      is wisdom
      and between these two
      my life flows”

      808 238 9669


  9. Annemarie Fischer says:

    Happy tu faond e neu sister.i am ee planetary skaytraveler ,folloving sins 2002 the new theim,hapy thath tuday my dauther is folloing as sie is e magnetique seed the sign of the jehr.sorry for my inglish ,i am Suisse.in lakesh


    • Annemarie Fischer says:

      Sorry for the miss spells. Happy to have found a new sister I’m a planitary sky traveler.fallowing since 2002 new year. Happy that today my daughter is fallowing she is a magnetic seed.sorry for my English I’m Swiss in lakesh.

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  10. I would like u to help me identify my hidden divine energies


  11. Angel Labat says:

    this is a superb post. Thank you for sharing.


  12. ruccilove says:

    HI Intiana..
    So amazing to find u & l am very excited to have a session with u..
    Will be waiting to hear from u soon..
    With lots of love..💜


  13. Cara Whitney Bridges says:

    Hello Divine guidance,

    Thank you for assisting me or anyone in this Amazing time of Art we live in. I am Yellow Resonant Warrior first and My sweet love twin flame is Yellow Electric human and together we are Yellow Planetary Star. I have fallen on not being abundant in the form of money and anything you could do to assist me would also help you as I’d definitely pay you for any blockages I maybe self enducing. I am a Reiki master, chakra balancer, Yoga teacher, Meditation teacher and student of all I just named. I dont understand why other than Im located in Alabama where some Bible belt Ideas keeps my art a little harder to accept. Withouy putting all my business here can you please help me?

    Cara Whitney Bridges


  14. Cara Whitney Bridges says:

    Email me for my number please I dont want it to be public thank you again.



  15. Holly Anson says:

    I would love to have an amazing experience and reading of your knowledge please get in touch so i can continue my own self knowledge.


  16. Joe Diaz says:

    King Pacal- March 8, 1986., After my own research I came to a website . Which for some reason I can not find. Or locate on the web.. but it showed the ” counts” for the date I was born then you do the math. As kin49 Red planetary Moon tone 10 I purrify in order to perfect producing flow. I seal the process one of universal water, with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of navigation… Made Sense to me when I read it, for some odd reasons it fit. Lots of weird shit my phone would also do things, like find answer I didn’t ask to find or at least not through physical typing or atleast ask Google’s voice command


    • Intiana says:

      Aloha how how can I support your mission on this planetary serpent day moon of manifestation



      I ran across that today. It is mindblowing once you start connecting things! Google Dreamspell, Wavespell, cosmic energy, Timeship Earth 2013, galactic signature. Enjoy!!!


  17. Natalie Wiechman says:

    I would really appreciate a reading by you. If you are willing, please let me know. All my love your way. 💫💚


  18. Christina says:

    I could benefit from knowing you. You just popped up through this phone to say hub so it must be so! Please connect:)


    • nsthan says:

      Hi, Christina my name is Nathan and it just so happens that the message below yours had all the signs for me to connect with you 222 yellow solar storm. The number 1222 is a guide and much more for me. Bc my son Xander Lee was born on 12 22 2012 and so my journey began. Its really amazing and beautiful I’m a yellow rhythmic warrior set 16 1985 136 kin First time ever I’ve tried to relate to anyone on this topic . 6306001921


  19. Annelie Prytz-Alm says:

    6307022761 born at time 06.55 am.


  20. Intiana says:

    What is your birthday?


    • Jessi Mariah Luster Canterbury says:

      March 27, 1980
      33.3999999999999. Banning California
      Numerology is 3,6,9
      Aries sun/Leo moon


    • Tyera Shai Estephina Marmolejo says:

      Its so crazy that I already am a person who understands such things in such a depth way i am extremely excited if should i receive a re ppl fly back my birth day is february 15 1994


  21. Azeez says:

    I was born on the 18march 1996


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